Summary of Responses to QPS Patient Satisfaction Survey October and December 2012

The DEC has participated in this external benchmarking tool for many years and have consistently achieved improvements in the results compared to previous years.

This survey is very comprehensive and consists of two parts; patient satisfaction survey and patient survey on discharge and transfer processes. Patients admitted during the survey period are asked to complete their survey at home after their procedure and are provided with a reply paid envelope to encourage the return of completed surveys. Patients have the ability to add comments and feedback on each section of the patient satisfaction and we utilise this information to improve or “tweak” our services. We commonly use the feedback to highlight for staff where they have been singled out for the level of care and service (staff are thrilled to receive the tick of approval and our patients are never shy about praising their efforts).

The patient satisfaction survey covers eight areas:

  • Appointment and Waiting Times
  • Location and Physical Access
  • Our People
  • Our Facilities and Services
  • Information
  • The Billing Process
  • Pain Management
  • Would Recommend Facility
  • Overall Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction Survey

We achieved the following results in these areas:

We received an 88.8% satisfaction rating with the appointment and waiting time experienced by patients. This result is very much in line with those achieved over previous surveys.

Our rating for location and physical access was 80.9% and this is again in line with the previous years’ ratings. Due to our location in St Vincent’s Clinic the car parking is always an issue, which unfortunately we are not able to address. Indicatively the rating achieved for this criteria was only 49.8% which contributes greatly to the decreased overall satisfaction rating for this category.

Our people satisfaction rating has always been very high and this year is no exception. The overall rating was 96.98%. All our staff are highly skilled and this is reflected in the ratings awarded and the glowing comments which patients elect to add to their surveys.

The facilities and services criteria rating was lower than achieved in 2011 but in line with the result from 2010 (83.92% compared to 94.3% and 83.69% respectively). We endeavour to provide reading materials and refreshments to meet the majority of tastes but unfortunately we are not able to cater to everyone and this is reflected in the overall result. This question is one of those which is left blank more often than others as many people bring their own reading material (recommended) and therefore the response is not applicable to them.

Information on explanation of procedures, discharge instructions and follow up treatment was rated 91.7% which is an improvement on previous years.

The Billing Process was rated 92.1% which remains in line with the previous results. The process of billing is extremely streamlined with little or no need for patients to sign forms as we participate in no gap billing for our Doctors’ fees. We have maintained “contracts” with the majority of health funds for accommodation and theatre fees and this results in patients paying little or no out of pocket expenses and not having to go to their health funds to claim afterwards. This enhances the patient’s experience but almost makes the billing process invisible.

Pain Management is only completed by some patients as the majority of our patients experience little or no pain at all after their procedures. The rating achieved this year was 97.32% which is exceptional.

Would recommend the facility has once again achieved 100% satisfaction. This is very reassuring to all staff and management that we are providing services which are relevant, of a high quality and provided in a suitable setting with excellent patient outcomes.

Overall satisfaction was 95.89%. The DEC experiences an average return rate of patients of approximately 65% per annum providing us with further reassurance that our services are needed and fulfil the needs of our patients. Only 1/146 patients rated their satisfaction level as fair and no respondents rated the DEC with poor.

Summary 2012 Patient Satisfaction Survey for QPS Benchmarking

Here is a sample of the comments received from respondents:

  • “This hospital is the best, wonderful staff, good Doctor” – RH
  • “Thank you – don’t change” – DG
  • “A very professional, orderly, clean and pleasant unit. Very nice staff” – DS
  • “Overall experience was excellent” – SB
  • “A lot more efficient all round than my previous hospital, esp waiting times” – JD
  • “What is ultimately a fairly complicated process is handled speedily, efficiently and with obvious professional skill by all parties” – anonymous
  • “Being a patient since 1987 the only thing that hasn’t changed is the parking. The service is excellent” – JK
  • “All staff work together professionally and give excellent customer service” – SC
  • “Outstanding experience when very nervous” – AG
  • “I could not fault the service and care given to me” – MS
  • “A truly wonderful experience” – MS
  • “I am more than happy with all aspects” – FC
  • “The nurses were wonderful, caring, efficient, responsive & totally capable” – AH
  • “The caring, efficient & informative staff made my staff very pleasant indeed” – JL

Patient Satisfaction on Discharge and Transfer Processes

The results of the Satisfaction with Discharge and Transfer were an improvement at 75.85%. This result is distorted due to the selection of options given to rate each question. The ratings are much better than expected, better than expected, the same as you expected, slightly worse than expected, much worse than expected. Given our reputation, location, skill of our staff and excellent patient outcomes our patients expect the level of service and care to be exemplary and when the service they receive meets this they rate the service as “the same as expected”. We have received numerous comments to this effect over the years and accept it appears to overshadow the final results achieved.

2012 Patient Survey on Discharge and Transfer Process

The DEC uses the valuable feedback provided to us to evaluate our services and the way we deliver services to our patients, referral base and for staff training purposes. We encourage all our patients to provide feedback to us either via one of our two patient satisfaction surveys conducted annually or through communication with our staff, completion of patient feedback forms in recovery or in reception, use of our website, via email or by passing comments (constructive or compliments) to their treating doctors at the DEC. Our preference is to have respondents identify themselves so we can respond to them personally if they request us to but are happy to receive anonymous feedback as well.



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