Summary of Responses to the Diagnostic Endoscopy Centre’s Patient Satisfaction Survey conducted October to December 2017

The Diagnostic Endoscopy Centre conducts two patient satisfaction surveys each year; one is developed internally and the other is developed by an external benchmarking group. The results from this survey are from the externally developed survey. The purpose of these surveys is to give us an idea of who you rate the service and care we provide to you and also allows us to judge our performance against our peers to see how we rate in the market place.

During October to December 2017 we admitted 2064 patients. We distributed 1000 surveys during this period with 246 respondents. This represents 24.6% of our patient base during October to December who took the time to complete and return our survey. Participation in this survey is voluntary with the option for respondents to identify themselves if they wished. Many people did identify themselves and this was particularly useful where they raised points or had questions. We can contact those respondents and hopefully resolve their queries.

Respondents were asked to provide some personal details about themselves prior to starting the survey. These included their name, age, postcode, gender, language spoken at home, where they are from (indigenous background) (specified), their general health. Financial status, health fund name (if applicable) and who referred them to the DEC.

From their responses we have the following information:

  • 55.10% of respondents were female and 44.90% were male (this is the opposite result from last year)
  • 98.78% of respondents were not Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descendants
  • 96.34% of respondents speak English as their first language at home
  • 97.15% of respondents are privately insured
  • 25.61% of respondents identified their health status as excellent; 59.35% as very good; 14.63% as fair and 0.41% as poor
  • 82.52% of respondents were referred by their GP; 8.54% from their surgeon and 8.94% from other

0.85% of respondents were aged 15-29 years; 14.83% between 30-49 years; 53.39% between 50-69 years and 30.93% between 70-89 years.

Age of Respondents October to December 2017

We noted 236 respondents are members of twenty different health funds with the remaining respondents being uninsured. These funds are (in alphabetical order) AHM 7 (2.97%); AMA 5 (2.12%); Australian Unity 4 (1.70%); BUPA 26 (11.02%); CBHS 2 (0.85%); CUA 1 (0.42%); Defence 5 (2.12); DVA 1 (0.42%); GMHBA 1 (0.42%); Grand United 2 (0.85%); HBF 3 (1.27%); HCF 82 (34.75%); Medibank Private 44 (18.64%); Navy 2 (0.85%); nib (10.17%); QANTAS Assure 1 (0.42%); R&T 1 (0.42%); RBHS 1 (0.42%); Teachers 20 (8.47%) and Unihealth 1 (0.42%).

Breakdown of Membership October to December 2017

Nine categories were surveyed with the following percentage scores:

  • Patient experience with appointment and waiting time – 93.57%
  • Patient experience with location and physical access – 83.06%
  • Patient experience with care services and treatment – 96.84%
  • Patient experience with information – 94.15%
  • Patient experience with the billing process – 94.48%
  • Patient experience with decision making & involvement – 94.57%
  • Patient experience with discharge process – 95.08%
  • Patient experience with transfer process – 94.46%
  • Patient recommendation – 96.79%
  • Overall patient experience index – 93.75%

Section Summry October to December 2017

In each category the DEC achieved an improved result (except location and physical access which continues to be a concern for the DEC and our patients. The DEC is located in the very busy St Vincent’s Clinic building and car parking is always in high demand. There appears no real solution to this issue – availability of car parking scored only 67.24% in this year’s survey (compared to 72.06% last year)).

Appointment and Waiting Time

  • The information made available to me to prepare for my appointment – 95.25%
  • The way I was treated on the phone – 95.31%
  • The overall waiting time I experienced – 90.17%

Location and Physical Access

  • Availability of drop off areas – 82.87%
  • Availability of car parking – 67.24%
  • Providing me with information on location and public transport – 91.40%
  • Inside and outside signs at the DEC – 86.30%
  • Disability access – 90.48%

Care Services and Treatment

  • Treating me with respect and dignity during my stay – 98.35%
  • How often doctors/nurses explained things in a way I could understand – 97.54%
  • Having healthcare professional discuss my worries/fears about my condition – 95.83%
  • How much information about my condition/treatment given to my family – 92.69%
  • If I experienced pain, staff doing everything they could to help manage pain – 94.80%
  • If I needed assistance, staff helping me within a reasonable timeframe – 96.77%
  • The overall cleanliness of the DEC – 97.54%
  • The communication between the doctors and staff about my treatment – 96.20%
  • The overall care I received whilst at the DEC – 97.62%


  • Rights and responsibilities in a way that was easy to understand and helpful – 92.95%
  • My condition, procedure or treatment in a way that was easy to understand – 94.81%
  • My consent to have treatment in a way that was easy to understand/helpful – 94.62%

Billing Process

  • Providing advice/information on the cost of my procedure before admission – 94.36%
  • Information about my financial consent was easy to understand/helpful – 94.60%

Decision Making and Involvement

  • Being involved, as much as I want, in decisions about my care/treatment – 94.70%
  • Having enough opportunities for carer/family to talk to staff – 94.29%
  • Allowing my carer/family to be involved in my care as much as I wanted – 94.59%

Discharge Process

  • Making adequate arrangement for services I needed following my discharge – 95.54%
  • Providing enough information about how to manage my care at home – 94.69%
  • Providing enough information about how to manage my medicines at home – 94.24%
  • Providing instructions for any follow up appointments after my procedure – 94.83%

Transfer Process

  • Being provided with enough information about the reason for my transfer – 95.00%
  • Notifying my carer or relative about my transfer – 94.12%
  • Involving me and my carer in all parts of my transfer as much as possible – 95.00%
  • Making my transfer as easy and comfortable as possible – 93.75%

Patient Recommendation

  • How likely would you be to recommend the DEC to family and friends – 96.79%

Overall Satisfaction

The DEC achieved an increase in the overall satisfaction of 93.75% compared to 93.16 in 2016. This has continued to improve year to year.

One question posed in the patient recommendation category “How likely would you be to recommend the DEC to family and friends” scored 96.79% which is a marked improvement from 2016 where the result was 95.49%. We have seen consistent improvement in the results achieved through this survey over many years. We collate the information from this survey and use it for staff education, quality projects and marketing purposes.

The summary of this survey is published on our website, we distribute it to our contracted health funds, and we also provide copies in recovery for our patients and carers to read.

Once again we would like to thanks those patients and carers who took the time to complete this survey. They survey is seven pages long and takes a considerable amount of time to complete. We thank you for taking the time away for your other interests or responsibilities to help us.

We have a consumer focus group that has helped us refine our documentation and who continues to help us improve the quality of service we provide to you. If you would like to assist us in any way please feel free to contact Kate, our Nursing Unit Manager () or Jan, our Chief Executive Officer () or telephone us on 02 8382 6622. Please feel free to contact us at any time if you would like to discuss you are care or the services we have provided to you.



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