Summary of Responses to the Diagnostic Endoscopy Centre’s Patient Satisfaction Survey conducted October to December 2015

Annually, the DEC conducts two patient satisfaction surveys (one developed internally and conducted between April and June; the other is developed externally, conducted between October and December and benchmarked (compared to other facilities like ours). This enables us to ascertain how we are performing individually but also against our peers.

During October and November our reception staff distributed surveys and 301 patients elected to participate and returned completed surveys to us. This represents 21.39% of the total number of patients who were admitted during this period. Participation is voluntary.

Respondents were asked to provide some personal details about themselves prior to starting the survey. These included: their name, age, postcode, gender, language spoken at home; where they are from an indigenous background (specified), their general health, financial status, health fund (if applicable) and who referred them to the DEC.
From this data we were able to ascertain the following:

  • 53.18% of respondents were female and 46.82% were male (this is the complete opposite of the result achieved last year)
  • 99.67% of respondents were not Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descendants
  • 97.67% of respondents speak English as their first language at home
  • 98.34% of respondents were privately insured
  • 22.59% of respondents identified their health status as excellent; 57.14% as very good; 19.6% as fair and 0.66% as poor
  • 81.4% were referred by their GP, 13.29% from their surgeon and 5.32% from other
  • 2.36% of respondents were aged between 15-29 years; 12.08% between 30-49 years; 56.71% between 50-69 years and 28.36% between 70-89 years.

Age of Respondents

We noted 296 respondents were members of seventeen different funds with the remaining five respondents being uninsured.

These funds were (in alphabetical order) AHM (12) 3.99%; AMA (The Doctors Health fund) (2) 0.66%; Australian Unity (7) 2.33%; BUPA (39) 12.96%; CBHS (7) 2.33%; CUA (1) 0.33%; Defence (2) 0.66%; Grand United (4) 1.33%; HCF (105) 34.88%; Health Partners SA (1) 0.33%; Medibank Private (68) 22.59%; Navy Health (1) 0.33%; nib (26) 8.64%; Queensland Country Health (1) 0.33%; Teachers Federation (18) 5.98%; Uni Health (1) 0.33% and Westfund (1) 0.33%. 1.66% of respondents were uninsured.

Breakdown of Membership

Nine categories were surveyed with the following percentage scores:

  • Patient satisfaction with appointment and waiting times – 91.83%
  • Patient satisfaction with location and physical access – 82.89%
  • Patient satisfaction with care services and treatment – 95.48%
  • Patient satisfaction with information – 91.95%
  • Patient satisfaction with the billing process – 92.07%
  • Patient satisfaction with decision making and involvement – 91.66%
  • Patient satisfaction with discharge process – 92.76%
  • Patient satisfaction with transfer process – 92.63%
  • Overall patient satisfaction index – 91.80%

Section Summary

Appointment and Waiting Times

  • The information made available to me to prepare for my appointment rated (94.60%)
  • The way I was treated on the phone (93.29%)
  • The overall waiting times I experienced (87.69%)

Location and Physical Access

  • Once again the greatest weakness identified was the car parking available in the St Vincent’s Clinic, where the satisfaction rating was 73.07%. Numerous attempts over many years have failed to resolve this issue.
  • The availability of drop off areas also rated lowly (81.96%)
  • Disability access rated 85.78%
  • The inside and outside signs at the day surgery centre rated 84.10%. As a result the Governing Body has agreed to install a sign outside the DEC saying “Endoscopy Unit” in an attempt to improve visibility for all patients but particularly those who are treated at the DEC by other doctors who don’t practice at the DEC.

Care Services and Treatment

  • Treating me with respect and dignity during my stay rated very highly with 97%
  • The overall care I received while in the day procedure centre 97.02%
  • The communication between the doctors and staff about my treatment rated 95.51%
  • How often the doctors, nurses and other health professionals caring for me, explained things in a way I could understand 95.5%
  • The information made available to me to prepare for my appointment rated 94.6%
  • If I experienced pain, the staff doing everything they could to help manage my pain rated 93.41%
  • The overall cleanliness of the day procedure centre rated 95.89%
  • How much information about my condition or treatment was given to my family or carer rated 91.94%


  • Providing information about my rights and responsibilities in a way that was easy to understand and helpful rated 91.32%
  • Providing information about my condition, procedure or treatment in a way that was easy to understand and helpful rated 92.66%
  • Providing information about my consent to have treatment in a way that was easy to understand and helpful rated 92.66%

The Billing Process

  • Providing advice and information on the cost of my procedure or treatment before admission rated 92.09%
  • Providing information about my financial consent to have treatment was easy to understand and helpful rated 92.04%

Decision Making and Involvement

  • Being involved, as much as I wanted to be, in decisions about my care and treatment rated 91.76%
  • Having enough opportunities for my carer of family to talk to the staff, if they wanted to rated 90.29%
  • Allowing my carer or family to be involved in my care as much as I wanted them to be rated 92.87%

Discharge Process

  • Making adequate arrangements for any services I needed following my discharge rated 92.64%
  • Providing enough information about how to manage my care at home rated 92.67%
  • Providing enough information about how to manage my medicines at home rated 92.35%
  • Providing instructions for any follow up appointments after my procedure or treatment rated 92.5%
  • Providing an emergency telephone contact number and place or treating doctor for emergency medical care rated 93.36%

Transfer Process

  • Being provided with enough information about the reason for my transfer rated 93.04%
  • Notifying my carer or relative about my transfer rated 90%
  • Involving me and my carer in all parts of my transfer as much as possible rated 93.91%
  • Making my transfer as easy and comfortable as possible rated 93.91%

Overall patient satisfaction index

The overall rating achieved by the DEC against all the surveyed criteria was 91.80%. This was marginally lower than the result achieved last year (93.18%) but it is noted that the satisfaction with location and physical access was almost 2% lower than last year. The car parking availability continues to be a concern to the DEC but with no improvement envisaged we must accept this as an error of weakness for our patients.

The overwhelming feedback received from our respondents reflected the excellent care they received from our dedicated staff. Our staff endeavour to make what can be a daunting experience into one where patients are made to feel like individuals and are provided with the respect fitting a facility of our calibre.

This survey has been conducted for the past three years and we are now gathering quality data which helps in refining our services and delivering optimum care. We received excellent suggestions from this survey and will review each one to improve the care and quality of our service.

We thank all those who took the time to complete this very long survey. We fully appreciate everyone is time poor these days and being presented with a seven page survey is a big ask on our behalf; but the benefits we receive as a result of those patients who took the time to complete and return their surveys is priceless.

If you would like to assist us further we would welcome you to participate in our partnering with consumers program. If you would like to help us improve our services for you and other patients please contact our NUM (Nursing Unit Manager) at or contact our CEO at and we can provide you with information about how you can help.



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