Summary of Responses to the Diagnostic Endoscopy Centre’s Patient Satisfaction Survey conducted April to June 2017

The DEC is committed to providing a safe and high quality service to our patients and the community. For many years we have surveyed our patients to identify areas of strength and of weakness to enable us to fairly assess our service and ensure it meets the needs of our patients, referring doctors and the overall community. Many areas of care are assessed and each is reviewed individually and a part of the whole survey to best ensure quality patient outcomes at all times.

We conducted this survey between April and June this year and would like to thank all the patients or their carers who took the time to complete the survey and return it to us.

We received 275 completed surveys and the results are as follows:

  • 100% of patients responded they had received adequate information about the test they were having
  • 8.55% (271/275) of patients responded they had received adequate information about the account payments
  • 99.3% (273/275) of patients responded they had received adequate information about the preparation for their test
  • 99.64% (274/275) of patients responded they received a SMS confirmation of their appointment.
  • 98.55% (271/275) of patients felt the SMS had fulfilled their requirements for reconfirming their appointment
  • 100% of patients had no difficulty in finding the DEC
  • 97.45% (268/275) of patients felt they had adequate privacy throughout their stay at the DEC

Adverse Post Procedure Reactions

  • 86.55% (238/275) patients did not experience any adverse reaction post procedure.

Patients were asked to nominate where they had experienced nausea, vomiting, bruising at injection site, abdominal pain or wind pain. Many respondents commented their reactions were only minor and were only really noting them as we had requested them to do so.

Here is the breakdown of responses:

Adverse Post Procedure Reactions April to June 2017

Post Procedure Responses

  • 99.27% (273/275) of patients felt they were ready to go home at the time of discharge
  • 96.73% (266/275) of patients felt they knew the nature of their problem at the time of their discharge
  • 98.91% (272/275) of patients responded they knew how to care for themselves after their discharge
  • 98.18% (270/275) of patients felt they had been involved in the decision making process
  • 99.64% (274/275) of patients felt their rights and responsibilities had been respected during their stay with us
  • 77.09% (212/275) of respondents have previously attended the DEC for treatment. This result is very much in alignment with those achieved over many years. This return rate validates our impression of our service delivery and the level of appropriateness. It also confirms the confidence our referral base has in our clinical team and patient outcomes.

Overall Satisfaction

Overall Satisfaction April to June 2017

93.55% (257/275) of respondents felt the level of care they received during their admission was excellent; 6.45% (18/275) felt it was good; and no patients felt it was satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

Here is a sample of the comments received from our respondents:

  • Great staff and doctors 10/10
  • All staff are friendly and kind which goes a long way when you are sick. Thanks all 🙂
  • I came home raving about the place – the nurses were very friendly and helpful and the doctors etc. all very caring and concerned. If asked for a rating, I would give everyone the highest possible. You should all pat yourselves on the back and ask for a raise!!
  • This is my fourth visit, every time excellent service
  • Looking forward to my next visit in four years!
  • I appreciated the pleasant attitude of the nurses to each individual patient
  • You could not do more
  • Please do not lose the sense of humour and your staff/doctors involvement
  • Doctor and staff were excellent and should be very proud of service delivery at all levels
  • Pre visit to the centre was very helpful for someone with a disability
  • If it can be enjoyable then the nursing staff and doctors made it (the experience) as good as it possibly could be
  • It was a calming atmosphere in the centre, particularly inside before and after procedure
  • It was a professional and caring team
  • All staff professional and happy and pleasant – very important when patient feeling very “ordinary”
  • Great staff, very empathetic
  • Your team is a credit to the Clinic and the sandwiches are excellent

We would like to thank all the patients and carers who took the time to complete our survey. The feedback is invaluable to our organisation. Our doctors are highly respected and are very well supported by our nursing staff, cleaning technicians, reception staff and administration staff. Our sole objective is our patients and we aim to make the whole process as stress free, seamless and painless as we possibly can.

If you would like to provide any feedback to us at any time please email or or address your feedback to Attention: CEO or NUM.

Alternatively if you would like to participate in a consumer focus group to collaborate with us to ensure the needs of our patients are met clinically and non-clinically, please contact or or address enquire to Attention: CEO or NUM.



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