Summary of Responses to the Diagnostic Endoscopy Centre’s Patient Satisfaction Survey conducted April to June 2014

The DEC conducted its annual internal patient satisfaction survey between April and June 2014. We would like to thank all the patients who agreed to participate and provide us with invaluable feedback to help us assess our service to them. Quality improvements are best achieved through the combined input of patients and consumers and underpin the foundations of the DEC’s commitment to quality throughout the organisation.

We received 153 responses to this year’s survey and the following analysis of the responses was:

  • 99.35% (152/153) of patients responded they had received adequate information about the test they were having
  • 98.04% (150/153) of patients responded they had received adequate information about their accounts
  • 97.38% (149/153) of patients responded they had received adequate information about the preparation for their test
  • 82.35% (126/153) of patients elected to receive SMS confirmation of their appointment. 96% (122/126) of these patients responded the SMS they received fulfilled their needs
  • 100% of patients had no difficulty in finding the DEC

Adverse Post Procedure Reactions

81.05% (124/153) of patients did not experience any adverse reactions post procedure. Patients were asked to nominate where they had experienced nausea, vomiting, bruising at the injection site, abdominal pain or wind pain. Many respondents noted on their surveys that the reactions they experienced were very minor.

Here is a breakdown as reported by the participants of their experiences:

Adverse Post Procedure Reactions

Post Procedure Responses

  • 100% of patients felt they were ready to go home at the time of their discharge
  • 99.35% (152/153) of patients felt they know the nature of their problem at the time of their discharge
  • 100% of patients responded they knew how to care for themselves after their discharge
  • 100% of patients felt their rights and responsibilities were respected during their treatment at the DEC
  • 96.73% (148/153) felt there had been involved in the decision making process during their admission at the DEC
  • 68.63% (105/153) of respondents had previously been treated at the DEC. It is reassuring to see so many patients choose to come back to our facility for their treatment. We believe we provide a highly quality, safe and cost effective service and feel the return rate of patients reinforces our belief. It is also reassuring to see approximately 30% of our patients are new referrals, again underpinning the confidence our referral base has in our services

Overall Satisfaction

Overall Satisfaction

92.81% of respondents felt the level of care their received during their admission to the DEC was excellent with 7.19% of patients responding that they felt the level of care was good. No respondents felt the level of care was only satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

Here is a sample of the comments received:

  • “Excellent service”
  • “Well done – a special thanks to the person who checked me in”
  • “All the staff were very kind and helpful”
  • “Staff very friendly and the place is super clean”
  • “A good hospital”
  • “Nice caring staff – felt looked after”
  • “Doctor and staff were excellent, care was fantastic. I was very anxious before – they were fantastic”
  • “Very professional and friendly. A great service and puts mind at rest re the future”
  • “I have been coming to your centre for approximately 30 years and your staff are all first class”
  • “I have always found the DEC excellent in every aspect”
  • “How can you add when you have caring staff”
  • “As always very good – constant feeling as high quality staff”
  • “Great nursing and medical care – very professional”
  • “Staff in recovery were terrific, friendly and efficient”
  • “Very happy. An excellent service and the price is right!”
  • “Everyone very pleasant, easy going and easy to deal with “
  • “All the nursing staff have been great”
  • “I have never once had a problem in the 14 years I have been going to the DEC. The DEC is run very well”
  • “Staff were very courteous and friendly. No hesitation in thanking them all and recommending the DEC”
  • “Excellent care and lovely nursing staff”
  • “Tremendous service. Really appreciate the care”
  • “Wonderful friendly and kind nurses – wouldn’t go anywhere else”

Once again we would like to thank everyone who took the time in participate in our survey. The verbal feedback we receive from our patients throughout the year proves to us that our services are high quality, appropriate and provided in a setting which enhances patient outcomes. Our doctors are first class and are fully supported by highly qualified and caring nurses, our cleaning technicians provide us with optimal infection control standards and our administration staff thrive to ensure the booking, billing and discharge process is as painless to our patients as their procedures.

If you would like to provide any feedback to us at any time please email this office at .

Alternatively if you would like to participate in a consumer focus group to collaborate with us to ensure the needs of our patients are met clinically and non-clinically please contact .



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