Summary of Responses to the Diagnostic Endoscopy Centre’s Patient Satisfaction Survey conducted April to June 2013

The main objective of the DEC is to deliver optimal care in a safe environment ensuring we best cater for the needs of our patients and referring doctors. As an ongoing review of our delivery of care we survey our patients every six months (one internally developed survey and one externally developed survey) to ensure our standards are maintained and all aspects of patient care are reviewed regularly. This survey was developed internally and random patients were asked to complete this survey during April and May 2013. We received 148 completed surveys.

Here is a summary of the responses received:

  • 100% of patients felt they had received adequate information about the test they were having (this is an improvement from last year with 97.8%)
  • 98.6% of patients responded they had received adequate information about their accounts (this is the same result as achieved last year)
  • 100% of patients felt they had received adequate information about the preparation for their test (this is also an improvement from last year with 97.8%)
  • 70.9% of patients elected to receive SMS confirmation of their appointment. 94.3% of these patients responded the SMS they received fulfilled their needs

Adverse Post Procedure Reactions

67.6% of patients did not experience any adverse reactions post procedure. Patients were asked to nominate where they had experienced nausea, vomiting, bruising at the injection site, abdominal pain or wind pain. Many respondents noted on their surveys that the reaction they experienced was very minor and that they had only recorded the response because the survey had asked them to.

Here is a breakdown as reported by the respondents:

Adverse Post Procedure Reactions

There was a marked reduction in wind pain from 44 respondents (68.12% of overall patients reporting post procedure reactions) to only 22 in this survey (14.9%) as a direct result from introducing CO2 into theatres. This is due to the CO2 being absorbed by the body as opposed to the air which was previous pumped into the stomach which has to be expelled.

Post Procedure Responses

  • 100% of patients felt they were ready to go home at the time of their discharge
  • 97.3% of patients felt they knew the nature of their problem at the time of their discharge
  • 100% of patients felt they knew how to care for themselves after their discharge
  • 100% of patients felt their rights and responsibilities were respected during their treatment at the DEC
  • 65.54% of respondents have previously been treated at the DEC. The return rate of patients is particularly reassuring in the current economic environment and we feel this reflects the high quality of care and service we are able to provide to our patients.

Overall Satisfaction

Overall Satisfaction

87.84% of respondents felt the level of care they received during their admission to the DEC was excellent while 11.49% felt the level of care was good. One respondent felt the level of care was satisfactory. No respondents felts the level of care was unsatisfactory. All results for overall satisfaction were marked improvements from previous years.

Here are some comments received:

  • “Could not fault the quality of care”
  • “You provide outstanding pastoral care which is very professional and efficient”
  • “It is good to be able to receive an endoscopy report with a picture at the end of the procedure”
  • “I have found the staff to be supportive, efficient and friendly at all times”
  • “Staff are fantastic as are the medical and theatre teams – very professional, polite and friendly”
  • “Have been elsewhere, where everything was unsatisfactory, so appreciate care here”
  • “Keep up the good work”
  • “Excellent care from all”
  • “Fabulous facility – amazing staff”
  • “The quality and service is outstanding – I have been attending this facility for 20 years. I cannot fault it. Absolutely the best”
  • “All the nursing staff were helpful and friendly, making the whole unpleasant procedure very unstressful”

Once again thank you to all who chose to complete our survey. Your feedback ensures we can gauge how our services and care are received and we can make improvements to best suit all our consumers.



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