Summary of Responses to the Diagnostic Endoscopy Centre’s Patient Satisfaction Survey conducted April to June 2012

Once again the DEC surveyed its patients to ascertain our performance and identify areas of excellence and areas where improvements could be made. Without the valuable information fed back to us by our patients we cannot hope to achieve improvements in quality and service delivery. Part of our mission is to deliver optimal care in an optimal setting and this feedback helps guide us towards this aim.

We received 138 responses to this year’s survey and the following analysis of the responses was:

  • 97.8% of patients responded they had received adequate information about the test they were having
  • 98.5% of patients responded they had received adequate information about their accounts
  • 97.8% of patients responded they had received adequate information about the preparation for their test
  • 73% of patients elected to receive SMS confirmation of their appointment. 98% of these patients responded the SMS they received fulfilled their needs

Adverse Post Procedure Reactions

68.1% of patients did not experience any adverse reactions post procedure. Patients were asked to nominate where they had experienced nausea, vomiting, bruising at the injection site, abdominal pain or wind pain. Many respondents noted on their surveys that the reactions they experienced were very minor.

Here is a breakdown as reported by the participants of their experiences:

Adverse Post Procedure Reactions

Post Procedure Responses

  • 99.3% of patients felt they were ready to go home at the time of their discharge
  • 95.7% of patients felt they know the nature of their problem at the time of their discharge
  • 97.2% of patients responded they knew how to care for themselves after their discharge
  • 100% of patients felt their rights and responsibilities were respected during their treatment at the DEC
  • 69.6% of respondents had previously been treated at the DEC. The return rate of patients is particularly reassuring in the current economic climate and we feel this reflects the high quality of service and care we are able to provide our patients

Overall Satisfaction

Overall Satisfaction

81.16% of respondents felt the level of care their received during their admission to the DEC was excellent with 16.67% of patients responding that they felt the level of care was good. 2.17% of respondents felt the level of service was satisfactory. No respondents felt the level of care was only satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

No patients requested additional information on this survey.

Here is a sample of the comments received:

  • “I am impressed with the well organised office and the staff are caring and informative”
  • “Thank you for your assistance, cheery politeness, kindness and warmth over what is an emotional day”
  • “Everything was handled very well. All staff were excellent”
  • “I would strongly recommend this clinic for preventative procedures”
  • “All staff were very professional and friendly. I felt well looked after and safe”
  • “Everyone made the experience very comfortable and pleasant”
  • “Your rooms are spotless and first class in every way”
  • “The staff were extremely caring and competent”
  • “With limited mobility it was great that my husband was able to assist me and stay with me”
  • “I’ve always received excellent attention – hospital staff work in sometimes difficult conditions; I have the greatest respect for them”
  • “I hate this procedure but I know that I am in the best of hands when in this facility”
  • “Very efficiently run clinic, and service very professional and warm. Excellent.”
  • “I really appreciated being treated as an intelligent being by all staff”
  • “Everyone was very pleasant and helpful at all times”
  • “Completely satisfied with my procedure and treatment”
  • “I was amazed at how warm and patient your nurses and receptionists were. All lovely people. My doctor was also fabulous”
  • “The friendliness of the staff and nurses made the procedure much less stressful – thank you”
  • “The doctors and nurses were lovely – kind and nothing was a trouble to them. The best I’ve ever experienced”
  • “I felt the staff at DEC were such a “happy team” that they made your procedure an easy one to go through and to recover”
  • “DEC is a warm, clean and bright Unit. Keeps to time and has very efficient staff”
  • “Excellent professional staff, keep up the superb dignified sense of humanity and great interest. You made me feel relaxed and not just a piece of a procession. Well done”

We have reviewed the responses to our survey and will implement the installation of CO2 to reduce the number of patients who experience wind or abdominal pain post procedure. The excellent feedback regarding the quality of care received is encouraging to staff as validation that they are providing optimal care in a safe and quality environment.

We will conduct this survey in 2013 and hope to see an improvement in the number of post procedure reactions.



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