Health Fund Information

The Diagnostic Endoscopy Centre has contractual arrangements with most health funds for accommodation and theatre fees.

Hospital Provider Agreements

The DEC has contractual arrangements with the majority of private health funds* for accommodation and theatre fees (hospital fees). Provided you are a financial member of one of these funds or your fund belongs to AHSA, have private hospital cover, and you have served all your mandatory waiting periods and you do not have an annual excess or co-payment, you will have no out of pocket expenses under our contract conditions. Please feel free to contact our staff who will supply you with the necessary information regarding your treatment to enable you to confirm your level of coverage with your Health fund. We are able to check the financial status of patients who are insured with HCF, Medibank Private, NIB, Teachers Federation, Manchester Unity, Australian Unity (just to name a few) via the MBF website, the HAMBS website and access to the THELMA website and we will provide you with informed financial consent prior to undergoing any treatment with us.

[* Please contact our friendly reception staff to confirm if your health fund is covered by our health fund contracts.]

We also participate in the No Gap billing scheme for Doctor’s accounts (this only applies to the Associates of the DEC not Visiting Doctors to the DEC). Over 98% of our patients do not pay any gaps for our Doctor’s accounts. A quick telephone call to our staff is all that is needed to confirm whether we participate in this scheme with your fund.

Patients who hold Department of Veteran Affairs gold cards will also be fully covered whilst at the DEC. Prior approval must be obtained from Department of Veteran Affairs for all white cardholders.

Our Reception and Accounts staff are available during business hours, Monday to Friday, to assist you with any queries regarding your Health fund or our accounts.

Accounts: (02) 8382 6627

Reception: (02) 8382 6622

Pathology Accounts

Please be advised, you may have biopsies (pathology) taken during your procedure and an external pathology company will process these specimens. The accounts for these services are generated by the pathology company.

Generally due to the scope of biopsies and tests requested it is not possible to give an estimate of the charges for these services.

As this service is the result of an inpatient treatment, the accounts are claimable from Medicare and your private health fund (if applicable). Some companies provide these services as “no-gap” but we are not in a position to request this service from the pathology provider.

Anaesthetic Accounts

Anaesthetic accounts will also be raised on the day of treatment by the anaesthetist who will assist your doctor.

As inpatient treatment, this account is claimable from Medicare and your private health fund (if applicable).

Many of our anaesthetic staff participate in the “no-gap” billing schemes and in these cases your accounts for anaesthetic services will be forwarded directly to your health fund.

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