HCF Patient Experience Survey rates Diagnostic Endoscopy Centre as Best Day Procedure Centre in 2013

“The Directors of the Diagnostic Endoscopy Centre together with all the staff are thrilled to have been acknowledged so significantly by our HCF patients. The achievement of second overall in the HCF Hospital patient experience survey for 2013 out of 100 hospitals (private and public, big and small) and indeed, to be the highest rated day hospital, is a validation of our commitment to patient safety, care and quality. It is very impressive to see that over 11000 HCF members elected to participate in this survey.

“We have for many years surveyed our patients to ascertain their experiences in our facility; to help us identify our areas of strength and to help us to improve on our areas of weakness. The results we have achieved through our surveys are enviable to say the least and with patient care and safety our focus we continue to push the boundaries of expectation by not only our patients but our referring doctors and our staff.

“Our clinical staff were ranked sixth overall from 100 hospitals and this reinforces what we already know – the whole of our medical team is fantastic. The level of skill and knowledge our medical team possess is second to none. Our complication rates are remarkably lower than industry rates and our access to tertiary services through St Vincent’s Private Hospital and St Vincent’s Public Hospital means patients who need additional care are able to receive that care without delay significantly improving possible patient outcomes. All our nursing staff are GENCA registered ensuring our patients receive care from staff who are committed to gastrointestinal nursing. Our cleaning technicians are highly certified with many years of experience in disinfection and cleaning of endoscopic equipment and this has resulted in outstanding compliance with infection control standards.

“We have in recent years seen an increase in the number of HCF members who are electing to use our service for their medical treatment. We believe our reputation as a centre of excellence with excellent patient outcomes and patient satisfaction is a major attraction for prospective patients. The results of the HCF Hospital patient experience survey 2013 clearly support the results we have achieved through our own internal surveys.

“Our association with HCF has been mutually beneficial for many years and we look forward to continuing our relationship for many years to come.”

Sydney, 21 July 2014 – As part of its commitment to greater transparency in the delivery of health and medical services, Australia’s largest not-for-profit health insurer, HCF, has today released results of its latest survey of the hospital experiences of more than 11,000 of its members.

Read full results here – HCF Releases Annual Survey of Members’ Hospital Patient Experience



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