Accreditation 2017

In May 2017, we successfully completed the full organisation-wide survey with ACHS against the ten national standards. We will enjoy full accreditation status until July 2020.

We have recently successfully completed full organisation wide survey with ACHS against the ten national standards (Governance for safety and quality in health services organisations; Partnering with consumer; Preventing and controlling healthcare associated infections; Medication safety; Patient identification and procedure matching; Clinical handover; Blood and blood products; Preventing and managing pressure injuries; Recognising and responding to clinical deterioration in acute health care; and Preventing falls and harm from falls) and five ACHS developed standards (Service and care delivery; Workforce planning and management; Information management; Organisational systems; and Systems for safety).

We received no recommendations from the survey team and all previous recommendations have been finalised and deemed completed. We will enjoy full accreditation status until July 2020.

This validates our commitment to quality and patient safety. Through the election to also complete the five ACHS supplementary standards, we are able to get a comprehensive overview of all facets of our organisation. The audit process was robust and successful completion demonstrates a Unit committed to quality across all aspects of our business.



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